Woke Raw/Alkaline

Eating certain foods can influence the body's acid base or pH levels.

Encouraging a healthy pH balanced environment within the body can produce favorable effects on the body.

When our customers order from our Raw/Alkaline menu they are indulging in the Ohm Woke deliciousness experience in addition to

 raising the alkaline environment within the body that result in a plethora of health benfits.


Raw Zucchini Sushi Rolls (R) $11

(6) Marinated veggies rolled in zucchini strips topped w/ avocado, ginger, mint and basil

(add jackfruit $2)


Soaked Quinoa Vegetable

Stir Fry (R) $11.75

Quinoa and vegetables tossed in sesame oil, coconut aminos topped w/ walnut crumbles

Raw Kelp Noodle Empress Bowl

Kelp Noodle Empress Bowl(R/A) $11.75

Raw kelp noodles w/ hemp seeds, cucumbers, avocados, cilantro, ginger, tomatoes and lots of creamy cilantro sauce


Woke Roots Bowl (A) $11.50

Chicpeas, beets, chayote, marinated in herbs all on a bed of kale with wild rice very flavorful!


Pesto Zucchini Noodles (R)$11

Pesto noodles tossed w/ chickpeas, cranberries, and sun dried tomatoes


Ohmmkra Saute'e (A) $12

Sautéed Okra and chickpeas on a bed of quinoa in a tomatoe and herb sauce w/ a side of callaloo.