Woke Meal Prep


Greetings from the Ohm Woke team, 

We are pleased at your interest in our company.

We have a two week commitment and a monthly commitment for meal preparations. 

Two week commitment; (5 meal min.)

1. Receive two week menu upfront

2. Client picks up the meals

3.Meal prep containers are returned after the commitment (includes sales tax/$25 prep fee)

Monthly Meal Prep Commitment; (5 meal min.)

1. Receive Bi weekly menu

2. Meals are delivered to client

3. Client keeps Meal Prep containers after the commitment is fulfilled 

4. Client receives 1 free Ohm Woke exclusive vegan recipe (includes $8 delivery fee/sales tax)

$13 (per meal) Vegan meals--$14 (per meal) Vegan Alkaline/Raw/Medicinal Meals. Once client has decided on the commitment an invoice and contract is submitted with details. Payment for the commitment is collected at the time the contract is signed.

Please feel free to provide us with your contact information and we will have one of our meal prep specialist reach out to you directly to ensure a hassle-free experience


*minimum of 1 meal a day for 5 days per week.

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