Ohm Popular Meals

OhmWoke Meals ~The Soultree twist on foods you love~ 





 Stuffed with red, yellow and green peppers with sauteed broccoli, black beans  topped with BBQ sausage and chic'kun  (vegan meat) drizzled with homemade  chipotle cheese sauce and cilantro. 

Crispy Corn Cakes

Crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. Corn Cakes topped with sauteed Kale seasoned to perfection with a side of chicpea scrambler. 

Sun Goddes Bowl

Chic Peas, green olives, radishes, black bean lentil mix, sliced avocados, plantains, topped w/cilantro on a bead of greens. 


Ohmm.. Smokey

Smoked bacon Polenta hash on a bead of Arugula topped w/cherry tomatoes, avocados. Served w/red pepper chipotle sauce. 

IMG_20171201_094849_895 (1).jpg

Pulled smoked BBQ Jack Fruit Sammich

This mouth watering Pulled Jack Fruit Sandwich will have your palate reciting rhymes. Smoked Jackfruit, homemade vegan BBQ sauce, topped with  garden fresh Red onions and our special sauce Slaw! Don't worry, we'll look away when you lick your fingers!


Heart Chakra Pasta

Spelt noodle tossed in a basil, garlic, spinach aoili topped w/fresh herbs. served w/side green salad. (this meal is for healing, opening the heart chakra)